Nexus vPC Setup – MLAG
  • Nexus vPC Terminology
    • vPC Peers
      • The two switches joined in a vPC domain to complete the vPC architecture.
    • Peer Link
      • The link between the two peers that syncs state.
      • Creates the single logical control plane in regard to port channels.
      • Forwards BPDUs and LACP packets from secondary peer to primary peer.
      • Syncs IGMP and MAC tables between the two peers.
      • Transport between peers for FHRP traffic, orphaned ports, and multicast.
      • Most important links in architecture.
    • Peer keepalive
      • Operates at Layer 3.
      • Works behind scenes of Peer link by monitoring whether a peer has gone completely down when there’s a peer link failure.
      • Not used for any data syncing.
      • Can use management interfaces or OOB.
    • Member Port
      • Port that is part of a vPC on peer switch.
    • Orphan Port
      • Port connected to a device that is either not part of a port channel, or part of a port channel that has failed.
      • Single port connection.

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