• Synchronizes VLANs between switches automatically
  • Not a requirement
  • Does not define broadcast domain
  • Consists of VTP Server, Client, and Transparent mode

VTP Server
– Creates VLANs
– Advertises VLANs
– Installs VLANs from other advertisements – similar to client.

VTP Client
– Cannot create VLANs
– Can advertise VLANs
– Installs VLANs from other advertisements

VTP Transparent
– Creates locally significant VLANs
– Forwards VTP advertisements but does not listen or install VLANs from advertisements

Configuration Revision
– Sequence number for DB
– Highest Number wins
– VTP works towards having same DB number on all switches in VTP domain.

VTP Pruning
– Only in server and client mode
– Reduces necessary traffic over VTP peers


  • Domain – router(config)#vtp domain mickx009.org
    • Default configuration this will pass if trunk between two switches.
  • Password – router(config)#vtp password CISCO
    • Does not pass between VTP domain members.
    • VTP updates will not pass if same password is not entered on both sides.
  • Changing Mode – router(config)#vtp mode <server,client,transparent,off>

VTPv3 Enhancements:

  • Security
    • Primary Server – only device allowed to add to advertisements
  • Advertisements
    • MST
    • PVLANs
    • Extended VLANs
  • Disabling
    • Globally
    • Per link


  • Enabling VTPv3
    • router(config)#vtp domain mickx009.org – before enabling v3
    • router#vtp primary <vlan,mst> – On device you want as primary – only device allowed to update database.

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