• Prior to named mode (15.x)
  • Uses autonomous system number still, no name for AS.
    • ‘router eigrp <as number>
  • Hello messages to find neighbors are sent on Multicast
  • Updates are sent between routers via unicast.
  • In header shows protocol number 88.
  • Configuration:
    • R1(config)#router eigrp 1
    • R1(config-router)#network
      • Needs autonomous system number to match for adjacency.
      • Needs wildcard number if not using classful networks.
  • Verification:
    • show ip eigrp interfaces
      • Similar to ‘show ip ospf int brief’
    • show ip protocols
    • debug eigrp <?>
    • show ip eigrp topology
      • Shows successors and feasible successors.
    • show ip eigrp neighbors
      • Q count should be 0. If not there may be congestion on the network.

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