• Types of Auth:
    • MD5
    • HMAC-SHA256
  • SHA
    • Only EIGRP Named Mode
    • No Key chains
    • SHA uses static key
  • MD5
    • Both EIGRP Named and Classic Mode
    • Uses key chains
    • Supports auto key rotation.
  • Key chain supports multiple key numbers.
    • Router always sends lowest key.
    • Rotation of keys is done by defining the validity.
  • Configuration Classic EIGRP:
    • Authentication mode setup on interface
      • ‘ip authentication mode eigrp <AS> md5’
      • ‘ip authentication key-chain eigrp <AS><Key>’
      • ‘accept-lifetime’
        • How long key is valid to be received.
      • ‘send-lifetime’
        • When is key valid to be sent.
  • Configuration EIGRP Named:
    • Use of MD5 or SHA is under af-interface.

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