• Uses protocol 88
  • Uses both Multicast and Unicast
    • Multicast FF02::A
    • Unicast to link-local
    • Multicast can be disabled
      • neighbor to link-local address

Configuration Classic Mode:

  • Enabling IPv6
    • ‘ipv6 unicast routing’
    • Valid router ID must exist.
      • Uses IPv4 format
      • If there are no IPv4 interfaces then the ID needs to be specifically stated.
        • ‘eigrp router-id’
  • Enabling EIGRP with ipv6
    • ‘ipv6 router eigrp <AS>’
    • enable global process
      • ‘no shut’ under eigrp process.
  • Enable EIGRP on link level
    • ‘ipv6 eigrp <AS>
  • If ipv6 is not enabled on the interface, that also needs to be turned on.
    • ‘ipv6 enable’
    • The adjacency will form with link-local addressing between two nodes.

Configuration Named Mode:

  • Enabling IPv6
    • ‘ipv6 unicast routing’
    • ‘router eigrp <name>’
    • Enable Address Family
      • ‘address-family ipv6 unicast autonomous-system <AS>
      • Does not need to match IPv4 AS
      • Process starts automatically on each interface.
        • To disable EIGRP on an interface, must be shutdown under af-interface.

Named mode is preferred – syntax is unified between both address families.

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