The topology above has two gateways that will run GLBP, R6 and R4. The host is on the LAN side,, and the Internet has a loopback of

The initial configuration only needs the one group command and VIP.

After this is on both LAN interfaces, the group is joined by the routers and we can see there are two forwarders, but only one active, R6.

To get the two routers both forwarding traffic, we need to run GLBP interface command for load-balancing.

Now when doing a traceroute from the host to, we see that the first attempt goes through (R6), and a second attempt goes through (R4). The round robin is every other and it goes by ARP request via client.

The above IP SLA and Tracking statement are still configured in R6 from the HSRP and VRRP configs. The tracking statement can get added to GLBP as well.

On R6 we’re going to decrement the default priority of 100 by 99 if the track fails, which is just pinging on the ‘Internet’ router.

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