• Available as hardware, software and cloud functions.
  • Sit at geographically disparate locations.
  • Push data across WAN.
  • Function as normal routers and SD-WAN Overlay routers.
    • ie. OMP, Localized and Centralized policies.
  • Each router sets up DTLS tunnel to each vEdge in the SDWAN Fabric.
  • Forms OMP adjacencies over DTLS tunnels to vSmarts for routing information.
  • Sets up standard IPSEC tunnels to other SD-WAN routers.

  • vEdge
    • Viptela platform running Viptela Software.
  • cEdge
    • Viptela software running alongside Cisco IOS-XE.
    • Operates on ISR, ASR1k, CSR, CSRV, and ISRv.

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