• Is LDP Enabled?
    • ‘show mpls interfaces’
  • Is LDP Transport working?
    • ‘debug mpls ldp transport events’
  • Is LDP session authenticated?
    • Like BGP, LDP uses TCP auth (option 19)
  • Are labels actually bound?
    • ‘show mpls ldp binding’
    • ‘show mpls forwarding-table’
    • ‘debug mpls ldp binding’
  • Is allocation being filtered?
    • Advertise filter vs. allocate filter.
    • Typically only /32 needs an allocation.
  • PE-CE Routing
    • Is loop prevention being violated?
      • OSPF down-bit and domain-tag.
      • BGP AS-path and Site-of-Origin (SoO)
      • EIGRP Site-of-Origin
    • VRF Hung
      • ‘clear ip route vrf *’
      • Forces re-import/export
  • VPNv4 BGP
    • Is RT being filtered?
      • Wrong import/export policy
      • Default route target filter
      • VPNv4 Route Reflection
  • MPLS Data Plane
    • Is VPNv4 peering to a /32?
      • Problems in PHP
        • The last label will be popped early.
      • Problems in route summarization.
    • Are LDP and IGP synced?
      • LFIB can only install label for RIB/LRIB intersection.

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