• Complete Components:
    • Core IGP/LDP on PE and Ps
      • ‘mpls ldp autoconfig’ under OSPF process for example.
    • VRF PE to CE
    • PE to CE Routing
    • VPNv4 BGP between PEs.
    • VRF to VPNv4 Import/Export
    • Data Plane
  • Core IGP/LDP
    • Did LDP ‘Tunnels’ properly form?
      • ‘show mpls interfaces’
        • This command will not show loopback interfaces, but the loopback needs to be advertised into IGP for these LDP tunnels to form.
      • ‘show mpls ldp neighbor’
      • ‘show mpls ldp binding’
        • Displays exact label data for specific path.
  • Core IGP/LDP continued….
    • Is there an LSP between PE /32 Loopbacks?
      • ‘show mpls forwarding-table’
      • ‘show ip cef’
      • ‘traceroute’
        • Important there’s a full path via loopback interfaces.
  • VRF PE to CE
    • ‘show <ip> vrf’
    • ‘show <ip> vrf detail’
    • ‘show run vrf’
  • Were interfaces properly allocated to the VRF?
    • ‘show ip route vrf *’
    • ‘show ipv6 route vrf *’
  • VPNv4 BGP Between PEs
    • ‘show bgp vpnv4 unicast all summary’
    • ‘show ip bgp vpnv4 all summary
  • Are extended communities being sent?
    • ‘debug bgp vpnv4 unicast updates’
  • VRF to VPNv4 import/Export
    • ‘show <ip> vrf detail
    • ‘show run vrf’
  • Did IGP to BGP redistribution occur?
    • ‘show bgp vpnv4 unicast all’
    • ‘show ip ospf database’
    • ‘show ip eigrp topology’
  • Are VPNv4 routes being sent/received?
    • ‘show bgp vpnv4 unicast all’
    • ‘show bgp vpnv4 unicast all neighbor advertised-routes’
    • ‘clear bgp vpnv4 unicast * [in|out]’
  • Data Plane
    • CE commands are normal global
      • Ensure verification comes from correct source
      • PE-CE link might not be exported into VPNv4.
    • PE Commands VRF aware
      • ‘ping vrf’
      • ‘traceroute vrf’
      • ‘telnet vrf’

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