• Legacy Hub and Spoke, QoS was applied per VC or DLCI
  • With DMVPN, all spokes exist on same Tunnel and underlay.
    • Per-Tunnel QoS for DMVPN fixes this.
  • Spoke signals QoS group to hub through NHRP.
    • ‘ip nhrp attribute group <group>’
    • Group name must match between hub and spoke.
  • QoS group name maps to QoS template on hub.
    • ‘nhrp map group <group> service-policy output <policy>’
    • Result is that each spoke has a separate QoS policy.
  • Verified as ‘show policy-map multipoint on the hub.

Per Tunnel QoS with DMVPN is applied via group commands on each hub and spoke.



You create a group that has a Service-Policy applied to it, then on the spoke you’re joining a group to receive the attribute of QoS. Using groups allows the hub to push out a service policy to the spokes granularly. In a way it acts as a controller.

The group and service-policy can be seen by running a ‘show dmvpn detail’.

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