• Fabric site
    • Consists of:
      • Edge Nodes
      • Border Nodes
      • Control Plane Nodes
    • Independent of physical location.
    • A single DNA Center instance can manage multiple sites.
    • Fabric in a Box
      • CP, Border and edge all in one box.
      • Specifically for a small site that has single DNA Fabric device.
        • ie. switch.
  • Fabric Site connectivity
    • Transit Network
      • Connects to each fabric site via their border nodes.
      • SDA Transit Network
        • Maintains VXLAN across sites.
        • Carries VNIDs and SGTs.
        • Typically dark fiber.
        • Contains Transit Control Plane nodes.
      • IP Based Transit Network
        • Typical private leased lines from carriers.
        • Cannot control things like MTU.
        • VXLAN not carried across transit.
        • Re-identifying traffic is necessary when crossing IP based transit.

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