• vBond
    • Authenticates vSmart controllers and routers to the SD-WAN domain.
    • Orchestrates connectivity between Routers and Controllers (vSmart).
    • All SD-WAN devices MUST connect directly to vBond.
      • This requires publicly accessible IP address.
        • ie. cannot be behind a NAT unless a 1:1.

  • DTLS
    • vBonds keep continuous DTLS tunnel established from vBond to each vSmart controller.
    • When SD-WAN vEdge or cEdge comes online, they are configured to reach out to vBond via DTLS Tunnel. This facilitates authentication and joining the network with the vSmarts.
      • Authentication performed via certificates.
  • NAT Traversal
    • vBond is middle man for SD-WAN devices authenticating and joining network.
      • vBond allows all other SD-WAN devices to be behind NAT without issue.
  • Load Balancing
    • vBond automatically load balances between vSmart controllers as SD-WAN edges come online.

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